Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 2 @ Pattaya

at night
we went for Tiffany Show
800 Bath per person for 2 hours show
very worth while
it's really AMAZING!
we Bought VIP sit & we sit the front row
during the show, those AH GUA keep blinking eyes with my Darling
and come down the stage disturb him
so funny...too bad we are not allow to video
or else i will record it down..
The AH GUA really looks like girl la...
even more pretty than girl..
after the show
all the ah gua will come out the entrance take photos with us
but we have to give tips!

making fun on the beach!
wanted to go Braid my hair
but not enough time..:-(

our hotel...
very romantic..:-(
talking on the phone with my Dear Yan Yan
Export Branded Store
selling all the branded clothes
my Darling's favourite store

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